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Chukwuemeke Igabari

Chukwuemeke is an Experienced Technology Assurance & Management Professional with 17+ years of comprehensive expertise in Telecommunications industry covering Products Management and Assurance, Network and IT infrastructure reviews, IT Controls, IS Audits and Security Reviews, Project Management, Data Analytics, Strategy, Finance, Operations and Risk Management with solid experience in leading large projects that yield millions of dollars in savings and improve availability/stability of computer systems


  • Executed Planned and performed several Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) section 404 compliance review for multinational corporations with operations in Nigeria
  • Served as a team leader in security reviews of UNIX and Windows Server operating systems and Oracle database for multinational corporations with operations in Nigeria.
  • Performed reviews of security policies, processes and practices for clients in the financial services, consumer market and telecommunication industries. Benchmarked local documented policies and procedures with global leading practices (ISO 27001) and industry standards.
  • Served as a team leader in IT due diligences of banks in Nigeria and Cote d’ Ivoire. Reviewed IT contracts, licenses, service level agreements, IT processes, infrastructure, etc. to provide an independent assessment of undisclosed IT risks and liabilities that could affect merger or acquisition decisions
  • Led multi-dollar projects to deliver Revenue Assurance and Fraud Detection systems for Telecom Operators in Nigeria
  • Managed system integration projects for billing and  Financial applications.
  • Developed Revenue Assurance framework, processes and procedures for startup telecom operators
  • Served as Specific Point of Contact (SPoC) for Revenue reporting system implementation project for a UAE Telecom Group operating in 17 countries.